Bharatpur- Heaven for birders

Bharatpur bird sanctuary, also known as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park is situated in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. It derives its name from the Keoladeo temple located inside the sanctuary and is famous for its flora, fauna and migratory birds. The park was used as a hunting ground by the Maharajas of Bharatpur in the 1800’s.  In 1976 the park was designated as a bird sanctuary and in 1985 it was declared a World Heritage Site. The park is spread over 29 km2, one-third of which is wetlands and the rest is grasslands. It is home to approximately 370 species of birds and many ambhibians, reptiles, fish and floral species. The best time to visit the park is between November and February when migratory birds come from as far as central Asia and Siberia.

The airports closest to Bharatpur are New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. From New Delhi, it takes about 4 hours by road to reach the sanctuary (152 kms). Many trains and buses are also easily available. There are many resorts close to the park that can be booked online. Cycle rickshaws or bicycles can be rented at the entrance and a guide turns out to be helpful in spotting birds.

Green Heron
Crested serpent eagle
Purple Swamphen
Asian green bee-eater
White-breasted waterhen
Spotted owlet
Yellow-footed green pigeon
Oriental darter
   Great Egret
Black-headed Ibis
White-throated kingfisher
Bronze-winged Jacana
Common kingfisher
Painted Storks
Purple heron
Painted stork colony
Yellow footed green pigeons
Indian Grey Hornbill
Female Asian Koel
Red-vented Bulbul
Sarus Crane
Eurasian Golden Oriole
Asian Openbill Stork
Greater Coucal
Eurasian Hobby
Black-winged Kite
Lesser Whistling Ducks
Brahminy Starling
Indian white-eye
Hornbills against the setting sun
Eurasian Hobby
Olive backed Sunbird
Long-tailed Nightjar
Black-necked stork
Grey Heron
Pied Kingfisher
‘It is no lies, Bharatpur is a Birds Paradise’

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